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Redefining Connectivity. Implications for Cities, Governments, Policies, and Business

Esteve Almirall

“The Covid-19 pandemic created ripple effects that are changing the way we think about connectivity and the way our organisations are going to work in the future.” Esteve Almirall, Associate Professor at Esade, started his session at the 4YFN21 exhibition with these words, before analysing how the pandemic is transforming the way we live.

“With the pandemic, we had online classes, online meetings, and even online exercise,” said Almirall as an example of how our lives changed in 2020 and how this will have a long-lasting impact.

The transition from face-to-face to online activities “has huge implications for business and operating models,” explained Almirall in reference to the economics of this revolution. “Connectivity now goes beyond speed, it is about thriving in a new era where physical and virtual are interlaced.”

Esteve Almirall was one of the keynote speakers at the 4YFN21 Connectivity Summit. Relive his presentation for more insights on the future of technology, startups, and connectivity.

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