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Editorial Board

The Editorial Board provides expert advice on strategic content topics and oversees Do Better's editorial policy and guidelines.

Francisco Longo

Associate Professor & Chair of the Editorial Board

Cristina Gimenez

Professor & Director of Identity and Mission

Joan Rodón

Vice Dean of Faculty & Research, Esade Business School

Sergio Llebaría

Vice Dean of Research, Esade Law School

Frank Wiengarten

Associate Professor, Department of Operations, Innovation & Data Sciences

Luis Vives

Associate Professor & Deputy Dean for Programmes

Lisa Hehenberger

Director, Esade Entrepreneurship Institute

Ignasi Martí

Director, Esade Institute for Social Innovation

Angel Saz

Director, EsadeGeo – Centre for Global Economy and Geopolitics

Marc Esteve

Director, EsadeGov - Esade Center for Public Governance

Toni Roldán

Director, EsadeEcPol

Xavier Ferràs

Associate Professor & Executive Director of Custom Programmes

Marc Correa

Lecturer & Deputy Dean for Programmes, Executive Masters Unit

María Diaz

Director of Communications & Institutional Relations

Vega Sainz

Director of Marketing & Branding