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Reaching the end of the holiday season, Do Better offers a compilation of the most popular podcasts this year. Check them out for insights and ideas.


Consumer behaviour and Covid-19 during holidays

After almost a year since the appearance of a virus that has transformed every aspect of our lives, we've reached the first Christmas holidays during the pandemic. Traditions and security measures clash with consumer trends and growing fears of a third Covid-19 outbreak following family meetings and an increasingly harsh economic crisis. In this podcast, Esade experts in behavioural economics Pedro Rey and Kate Barasz discuss how customers may behave during the Christmas holidays and the impact the vaccine will have on consumers.


Social capitalism: can we assert democratic control over the economy?

Could democratic socialism overcome the crises of capitalism? We live in a time of crises – economic turmoil, workplace disempowerment, unresponsive government, environmental degradation, social disintegration, and international conflict. Professor Paul S. Adler (University of Southern California) sheds light on how we can overcome these crises by asserting democratic control over the economy.


Oare Ehiemua, entrepreneurship, education and social impact

Oare Ehiemua (Full Time MBA, 2014) is a social entrepreneur working in Nigeria to provide education and training to the youth in her country, so they can pursue a career in the blooming construction sector and have an impact on their lives. Her initiative and her project, OPL Academy, just won the MBA Leadership Award at the AMBA & BGA Excellence Awards. The award recognises the work of these alumni through their achievements and performance.

In a conversation with Esade Business School's dean, Josep Franch, Oare Ehiemua talks about her experience on entrepreneurship, education and focus on having a positive impact on society.


Patents and Covid-19 vaccines: the recipe isn’t everything you need

Since last winter, vaccines have become the backbone of most developed countries fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. After a record-breaking fast development by a handful of companies and its approval by regulators, the administration of vaccines has paced up rapidly and by the second half of this year, most of Europeans and North-Americans are expected to be vaccinated.

However, most of the developing countries are still waiting for significant amounts of doses, leading the United States to propose waving patent rights for Covid vaccines in order to ease its production. George Chondrakis, associate professor of strategic management at Esade Business School, discusses with Carlos Serrano, associate professor of economics and business at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, on intellectual property rights and its role in boosting vaccines supply around the world.


In-company start-up accelerators: the experience of Almirall and Ampersand Health

Having an in-company start-up accelerator has become an extraordinary source of innovation, ideas, learnings and a way to have the latest technology closer for many companies. The pharmaceutical industry is no exception and a leading company like Almirall has Digital Garden, an accelerator aiming to accelerate the growth of start-ups that offer innovative technology-based services and solutions throughout the patient journey.

In this podcast, Jan Brinckmann, Esade Professor of Entrepreneurship and Academic Director of eWorks, talks with Francesca Wuttke, CDO of Almirall and Nader Alaghband, cofounder and CEO of Ampersand Health, one of the start-ups at Digital Garden, to share with us their insights on how companies and start-ups can benefit from in-company accelerators.


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