Julio Villalobos

Lecturer, Department of Marketing at Esade

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Julio Villalobos is a lecturer in the Department of Marketing at Esade. He was the corporate director and chief digital officer at Esade, where he led the school’s digital transformation process, and a member of the Executive Committee. He has more than 23 years of professional experience in the areas of management, digital transformation and marketing in multinational corporations. He is an international advisory board member of Mobile World Capital and Barcelona Tech City, as well as an academic board member at Barcelona Marketing Club Association. He is shareholder of the Fintech platform Orain Technologies.

Villalobos is a public speaker and lecturer for executives in digital areas, including digital strategy, digital transformation, digital marketing and eSports. He is the academic director of Esade’s inDigital programme and academic director of two of Esade’s In·On programmes: In·On eSports for Marketing Strategies and In·On Digital Marketing. His professional passions and expertise include people management, business development and digital transformation.