Queralt Prat-i-Pubill

Teaching Fellow, Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences

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Queralt Prat-i-Pubill is a Teaching Fellow in the Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences of Esade. Her research unravels the dynamics of effective collaboration for innovation within scientific and technological contexts, aiming to foster collective well-being and prosperity. Employing a diverse array of methodologies, her work weaves together the insights of wisdom traditions, linguistics, anthropology, philosophy, and management science into a cohesive approach that aims to develop various concepts, strategies, methods, and practices aimed at fostering human quality and motivating collective projects to ensure innovative science, products and services within organizations and society at large.

Currently, her focus is on the management of artificial intelligence (AI), striving to ensure its development is aligned with the best interests of humanity and the health and care of our planet. Previously, her international professional journey, spanning over two decades, reflects a variety of experiences across the investment banking sector, technology incubators, startups, and non-profit organizations.