5 career tips for young women in academia

According to the Unesco Institute for Statistics, less than 30% of the world's researchers are women. How can young women succeed in this male-dominated environment?

Ivanka Visnjic, Associate Professor of Innovation at Esade Business School, shares five of her career tips for young women interested in pursuing a career in academia.

1. Don't be shy

"As a young female researcher, don't be too timid to reach out, find your mentors and role models, and try to get those opportunities. You have to be selective, you have to be smart, and you have to make your own way."

2. Deserve your opportunities

"Once you get those opportunities in your career, you really have to do your best to deserve them. You have to work very hard and find the right way to capitalise on them."

Learn how to dust yourself off and try again

3. Accept failure

"In research as in life, you will fail many times. You have to learn how to dust yourself off and try again. When you experience rejection, be flexible: find other communities that are interested in your work."

4. Promote yourself

"Once you have deserved those opportunities, don't sit and wait for the acknowledgement and the promotions to come to you-they might not come. You have to be proactive, promote yourself and stand out for yourself."

Be proactive and stand out for yourself

5. Give back

"Once you have accomplished a certain amount of recognition for your work, it's important to give back and acknowledge the people who have helped you and mentored you."

This article is based on a video interview with Ivanka Visnjic for WU Vienna's Female Scholar Voices series.

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