7 dimensions to develop entrepreneurial competence in young people

Esade Entrepreneurship Institute

The coronavirus crisis has highlighted the urgent need to review teaching processes and learning objectives. Faced with an uncertain future, one of the great challenges for the education system is to train young people to be resilient and take the initiative. Young people must learn to adapt to change with agility and be able to innovate and gather the resources needed to make their projects a reality.

"If we want to prepare our young people for the future, then entrepreneurial skills are essential. Learning to be an entrepreneur is more necessary than ever in these times of uncertainty," says Esade professor Marcel Planellas.

Planellas, who has recently coordinated a special issue on entrepreneurship in the journal Cuadernos de Pedagogía, reveals how the following 7 dimensions can help develop entrepreneurial competence in young people.

Entrepreneurship skills

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