"Greatest innovation will come out from fast growing cities like Lagos or Dhaka"

"Greatest innovation will come out from fast growing cities ...

Esteve Almirall

During the next few days, Barcelona will be hosting the Smart City Expo World Congress 2022. In the frame of this special event, Esteve Almirall, director of the Esade Center for Innovation in Cities, presents a new episode of his podcast ‘Innovate or die’. Today’s guest is Jeff Merrit, Head of Urban Transformation at the World Economic Forum and a member of its Executive Committee

Previously, Jeff was New York City’s first-ever Director of Innovation. He will be a keynote speaker in this year’s Congress in high-level roundtables about inclusive technologies and collaborative governance. In their conversation, Jeff reflects on different topics like the meaning of innovation beyond technology, how analytics can improve the allocation of resources, or why the next big-hit innovative improvements will be born in fast-growing cities of the global south.

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