How can leaders turn the challenges of Covid-19 into opportunities through innovation?

Innovators have always seen crisis as an opportunity. Societal and business opportunities emerge from the crisis, when we reimagine the future, engage talent and reinvigorate the ecosystem. In this webinar, Esade innovation experts Ivanka Visnjic and Jonathan Wareham talk with Ivan Ostojic, leader of EMEA innovation practice at McKinsey & Company, about how leaders are overcoming the challenges of Covid-19 and turning them into opportunities through innovation.

The experts shed light on the factors that stand in the way of maintaining the agile momentum and thriving in the next normal.

06:44 - Different positions that companies held when the crisis started

7:01 - Innovations and technologies that the crisis propelled

31:56 - Overcoming roadblocks for innovations that we need in the next normal

43:10 - Summary and Q&A




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