EsadeGeo - Center for Global Economy & Geopolitics

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In 2010, Esade launched its Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics, EsadeGeo, chaired by Dr. Javier Solana, former EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy. The Center performs research on economic globalisation and its interactions with geopolitics and global governance, creating knowledge on the links between business, economic and social leadership, social realities, and global governance.

Its staff of 11, including 5 expert researchers, also provides an interdisciplinary forum where scholars and political, business and social leaders actively debate international matters and their local impact. EsadeGeo also benefits from synergies with many of Esade Business & Law School’s departments, centers and research institutes, as well as a wide network of external academic collaborators. EsadeGeo's external partners include the European University Institute in Florence, Beijing University in China, and the Brookings Institution and Georgetown University in the USA.