Guillermo Dorronsoro

Professor at Deusto Business School and director of the Northern Region at Ibermática

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Guillermo Dorronsoro is the director of the Northern Region at Ibermática and a professor at Deusto Business School. He is a member of the Bilbao Stock Exchange Board of Directors, the Executive Board of the Bizkaia Business Confederation, the ALBOAN Foundation’s Board of Trustees and the Governance Committee of the UNESCO Centre of the Basque Country.

With a Doctorate in Industrial Engineering, Dorronsoro started his career in the private sector, initially as a strategic consultant and executive in multinational corporations in the energy sector and information/innovation technologies (Iberdrola, EDP, Accenture, IK4 Research Alliance, Innobasque). From 2012 to 2018 he was also Dean of the Deusto Business School and a board member of the Instituto Vasco de Competitividad (Basque Institute of Competitiveness).