Laura Guillén

Associate professor, Department of People Management and Organisation at Esade Business School

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Laura Guillén joined Esade as an associate professor in 2019. She teaches on managing and developing people and organisational behaviour to a variety of audiences, including MiMs, MBAs, EMBAs and executives. She is also a consultant and a coach to companies on issues around leadership, personal development, diversity and group dynamics.

Her research focuses on understanding how self and social perceptions are formed in the workplace, and the consequences for individual and group outcomes. Her work comprises three streams of research to explore these questions: leadership, diversity and identity.

Her work has been featured in management publications such as Harvard Business Review, the Huffington Post and the Financial Times. Her research has been published in academic journals such as Organisational Behaviour & Human Decision Processes, The Leadership Quarterly, Human Resource Management and Organisational Research Methods.