Toni Roldán

Director, Centre for Political Economy (EsadeEcPol)

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Toni Roldán Monés is director of the Centre for Political Economy (EsadeEcPol). He is also a visiting professor in practice at the School of Public Policy of the London School of Economics. Prior to joining Esade, Roldán was a member of the Spanish Parliament, Economics spokesman and head of policy for the political party Ciudadanos. Since December 2015, he has been elected three times running for the constituency of Barcelona and has been in charge of two government and budget negotiations.

Before his experience in Parliament and during the Eurozone crisis, Roldán was the lead analyst for Southern Europe at Eurasia Group, a political risk consultancy. He has also worked as an economist in the Directorate General of Economic and Financial Affairs at the European Commission and as an economic advisor at the European Parliament. 

He writes for El País and his analysis is regularly quoted in publications such as the Financial Times and the New York Times. Together with Luis Garicano, Roldán is the author of Recovering the future: 12 proposals that will change Spain, a book on Spanish economic reforms. He is a member of the Spanish Board of the European Council of Foreign Relations.