Skills to Thrive in the Age of Infinite Leverage

Innovation & technology 21 July 2021

Ivan Bofarull

In the current business context, with an unprecedented pace of change and disruption, students, parents and potential employers all question the traditional curricula and methodologies of schools and universities. What skills should students learn to thrive in such a context?

”We’re entering the age of infinite leverage and this means the skills our children will need to thrive in the world are going to be changing constantly”, pointed out Ivan Bofarull, Chief Innovation Officer at Esade and recently selected by Forbes as one of the 40 best futurists in Spain, at the beginning of his conference at the 4YFN21.

In a visionary talk, Bofarull reviews the skills that according to the mainstream consensus will matter most in the future but also places six bets on how these skills are overrated and “why other skills that we don’t talk about so much are underrated”.

Ivan Bofarull was one of the keynote speakers at the 4YFN21 Impact Summit. Relive his presentation for more insights on the future of education.

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