Business strength: Profitability in an uncertain and unpredictable world

Do Better Team

Is it possible to adapt to a constantly changing environment? Since 2020, the world has experienced a higher level of uncertainty with more significant and frequent economic shocks. How can we build our company's future in an increasingly uncertain and low-predictability environment? In this episode, we delve into a fascinating conversation that shows us a new way to face and plan the future of our company, building a strength that allows us to survive in this new environment. 

Our guest today in Coffe Break, a podcast from Esade Executive Education, not only perfectly understands the business universe but has also been closely linked to strategic consulting, bringing all her knowledge to the world of finance. Gloria Batllori, CFA, and Professor of Economics, Finance, and Accounting at Esade, talks to us about the future, why it is becoming increasingly difficult to decipher, and also helps us look back and see how things have changed.

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