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We caught up with Bert De Wel, climate policy officer at the International Trade Union Confederation, for a 3-question exchange. "We need a huge transition in our energy system," says Bert De Wel.

This major shift will raise distribution issues, which need to be addressed through a just transition: that is, measures to involve workers, communities and families in the discussion in order to connect climate action with the need for an inclusive economy and sustainable development.


0:09 I What are the key messages about EU industry and the energy transition?

1:31 I Is the just transition a concept that is only relevant for rich and industralised countries?

2:08 I How can we achieve the energy transition without putting industry competitiveness at risk?

Note: This interview was recorded in February 2020, before the European Commission's proposal to increase the EU’s emissions reduction target to 55% by 2030. The unions call for a Climate Law that links an ambitious climate target with strong social requirements and an inclusive governance where workers are actively involved.

This EsadeGeo Exchange was recorded at the event EU industry and the energy transition, organised by EsadeGeo and the Repsol Foundation. The main conclusions of the event are available in our Event brief.

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