Center for LeadershipS and Sustainability

Are our companies as sustainable as they should be? Do we know how to make them so? What role does leadership play in this? How is sustainable leadership defined? To find out, Ángel Castiñeira, Director of the Esade Center for LeadershipS and Sustainability, talks to three leading experts on the subject.

With Marta García Valenzuela, psychologist, Partner of the leadership expert firm Talengo and author of Líderes sostenibles: Cómo liderar de forma sostenible en un futuro complejo; María Ángeles Quesada, philosopher and expert in critical thinking, Socratic dialogue and business ethics, as well as CEO and co-Founder of Equánima, and Luisa García, Partner and Chief Operating Officer of the consulting firm LLYC.

All written content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.