Center for LeadershipS and Sustainability

The year 2023 witnessed historic global temperatures. Social inequality and the consequences of increasing geopolitical polarization are also growing. Both the EU and the World Economic Forum speak of polycrisis and the need to build resilient societies. This systemic crisis forces all social agents to ask themselves complex questions in order to understand and transform the structural patterns of malfunctioning of the socioeconomic model.  

To find out how companies are facing this new situation, what diagnosis they are making and what kind of responses they are giving from their respective sectors, the director of the Esade Center for LeadershipS and Sustainability, Àngel Castiñeira, spoke with three exceptional managers who participated in the analysis process for the preparation of the 7th report of the Observatory of the SDGs entitled Companies facing the challenge of systemic change. They are Silvia Agulló, Director of Responsibility and Reputation at DKV Group, Carla Coloma, ESG Director at Fluidra and Maria Jesús Villa, Director of Sustainability and ESG at NTT DATA.

The SDG Observatory is an initiative led by the Chair in Leadership and Sustainability at Esade and the Social Observatory of Fundación "la Caixa".

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