Alexis Mavrommatis

Associate professor, Department of Marketing at Esade Business School

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Alexis Mavrommatis is an associate professor in the Department of Marketing at Esade Business School. He was the deputy director for pedagogical innovation at EADA Business School, and teaches and researches in the areas of marketing, retailing, multichannel strategies and social entrepreneurship.

He is a visiting professor at Swinburne Business School's Customer Experience & Insight Research Group (Australia), Athens University of Economics and Business, ITAM Business school (Mexico), Australian Centre of Retail, Monash University (Australia) and NEOMA Business School (France). In 2012, Mavrommatis was ranked 33rd Business Professor according to The Economist. His latest academic publications are in the European Journal of Marketing regarding consumers' reactions to variety reduction in grocery stores and in Business Horizon on how marketers can leverage on AI.