Carlos Royo

Lecturer, Department of People Management & Organisation at Esade

4 contributions

Carlos Royo is a lecturer at Esade Business School. He teaches in the LEAD (Leadership Assessment and Development) programme, where he works on the development of professional skills focused on leadership based on the Intentional change model by Richard Boyatzis. He also teaches Psychology of Organisations and Organisational Behaviour in several Masters at the University of Barcelona, where he is also associate professor. He has taught in the Leadership Programme in Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio).

Royo has been manager of training, development and people selection at RACC for the last eight years. Previously, he was responsible of the Department of leadership and development in Banco Sabadell for five years. He has worked at companies such as Adecco or Renault, linked to the management of Human Resources. Royo is the author of articles related to competence management and its application in professional environments.