How to define your job search strategy

Esade Careers

There are mixed feelings we get when starting a job search journey. Not knowing where to start is just so common. Which companies to target, what industries would I excel in the most, or for which positions I could be a good fit all sound very familiar. Job hunting effectively is not easy. It needs a good strategy behind it. 

Jennifer Fink, Founder and CEO of Fink Development, is specialized in providing coaching and strategic advising to mid-career professionals to help them gain clarity and navigate their career transitions. Earlier in her career, she worked at the Fuqua School of Business and the Hass School of Business, where she obtained vast experience working with students to help them successfully navigate their careers.  

Here you can have a taste of Fink’s advice on job searching. It was extracted from the podcast Career Beats hosted by Carmen González, Associate Director of Esade Careers.

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