Social in review: 5 most popular articles on Do Better

What are the challenges faced by social enterprises? How is burnout affecting managers' mental health? What's the role of jesuit education nowadays?

Reaching the peak of the holiday season, Do Better offers a compilation of the most-read articles on social issues published this year. Check them out for insights and ideas.


Should social enterprises compete or cooperate?

Social enterprises typically work for the greater good, so it seems obvious that they should cooperate. However, according to Daniel Arenas from Esade Business School, their leaders shouldn’t forget that healthy competition is also essential.


Preventing mental health problems in managers: A conversation between Eva Jané and Koldo Echebarria

Mental health problems affect a growing number of people, a trend exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet, they continue to be largely ignored by business and society. Directors and managers, alike, often suffer from their impact, in many cases resulting in depression, burnout, and serious mental health illnesses.

Eva Jané Llopis, Director of Health, Sustainable Development Goals and Social Innovation at Esade, talks with Koldo Echebarria, Director General at Esade, about the importance of mental health and what we can do about it.


Jesuit education in times of Covid-19

Koldo Echebarria, director general of Esade, talks with Father Arturo Sosa SJ, 31st General of the Society of Jesus, about the role of higher education and the value of Ignatian pedagogy in times of Covid-19.


Creating brand loyalty through co-creation and CSR

Conscience, consistency and commitment are the essential elements of long-term customer loyalty, while gimmicks and shallow promises are to be avoided at all costs.


5 science-based strategies to be happier in turbulent times

Covid-19 has triggered one of the most difficult socio-economic and health crises of recent times. However, we can lighten the mood a little bit by making sure we find moments to take care of our happiness.

Jordi Quoidbach shares five happiness strategies that are backed by science to deal with “pandemic fatigue” and help us feel better.

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