Enric R. Bartlett Castellà

Associate professor of public law

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Enric. R. Bartlett Castellà is a public law lecturer at Universitat Ramon Llull, Esade, in Barcelona, Spain, where he joined in 2004. He has served as Dean of the Law School (2009-2013). He has taught urban planning and environmental law in the International Business Law Program and Administrative Law in different Undergraduate programs. He teaches urban planning and environmental law, and regulatory law, in the Master in Law and leads the Human Rights Seminar.

He has a PhD in law, and he is secretary-controller of local administration. He has developed this last activity for six years (1980-1986) in the Town Council of Monistrol de Montserrat. He has been Deputy Ombudsman of Catalonia for eleven years (1993-2004), previously (1986-1993) was an adviser and the general secretary.

He has taught courses in México and Nicaragua. Has been an associate lecturer in the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) and speaker in different universities and schools of public administration as the University of Barcelona, University of Girona, Centre for Transnational Legal Studies (London), Public Administration School of Catalonia, Centre d'Estudis i Formació Jurídica Especialitzada (Barcelona), Judicial School of the General Council of the Judiciary of Spain.

His most recent studies deal with the regulation to achieve a just energy transition in issues such as energy communities, fighting energy poverty, investment protection, or promoting innovation.