Innovation in review: 5 most popular articles on Do Better

What are the characteristics of an innovative person? How is innovation shaping the future in the US? What's the role of apps like TikTok in the superpower competition between Washington and Beijing?

Reaching the peak of the holiday season, Do Better offers a compilation of the most-read articles on innovation and technology published this year. Check them out for insights and ideas on the latest trends i global markets.


What are the characteristics of an innovative person?

What distinguishes an innovative person from others? Esade innovation expert Lotta Hassi and Satu Rekonen of Aalto University reveal the key characteristics of innovative people.


12 characteristics of innovative people

Innovation inherently involves uncertainty, creativity and a special mindset that not all people have or are willing to embrace. What distinguishes innovative individuals from others?


Diving into data science: a journey from the classroom to Amazon Web Services

What is it like to land a job in one of the world’s leading cloud platforms right after completing a master’s programme? Esteve Almirall invited two of our top MiBA students, who are working at Amazon Web Services (AWS), to talk about their post-programme experience and about the differences between academia and the real world.


Made in America

The US elections marked a turning point in global geopolitics. Never before has the election of a Democratic or Republican president been so critical to the possible course of events. We stand at a crossroads in history. Democratic societies have never been so polarised, and never before have so many unexpected (and, on the whole, disruptive) events occurred together over such a short period of time: the health crisis, the economic crisis and the global democratic crisis.


TikTok: power, lies, and videotapes

Downloads of TikTok and WeChat were set to be banned in the US, except for a last-minute ruling by a Californian judge due to a lack of conclusive proof about spying claims against China. TikTok, a very popular app amongst teenagers, harvests the data of millions of Americans.

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