2020 in review: our most popular content on Do Better

2020 has been an unprecedented year. The Covid-19 pandemic brought difficult times but also highlighted how we can overcome difficulties and push together for a common goal. Do Better has published many insights on how the pandemic is reshaping our world but also insights on plenty of other issues such as social equality, business challenges, global risks, and innovation. This is a compilation of this year's most popular content on Do Better.

Most popular content in Business

How your emotions shape your decision making

Business most read

Job hunting tips and techniques

Job hunting tips and techniques

4 traps of categorical thinking – and how to avoid them

Categorical thinking

The career ladder is dead: Long live the jungle gym

Career ladder

How to be creative and innovative at work

Creativity at work

Most popular content in Global agenda

Coronavirus and Spanish economic policy: impact and responses

Coronavirus risks

Green-zone travelling: A pan-European strategy to save tourism

Green-zone travelling

‘Exceptional’ Atlantic storm teaches us an expensive lesson

Gloria thunderstorm Atlantic

2030: Ten years to change the world

Children in Iceland

Responding to global systemic shocks: applying lessons from previous crises to Covid-19

Covid crisis

Most popular content in Innovation

Why tech companies can’t afford the gender gap

Women in technology jobs

How to optimise the financing of innovation

Financing of innovation

How to be happier: research-backed tips to boost your happiness

Happiness tips

What are the characteristics of an innovative person?

Innovative person

Artificial intelligence: the unstoppable revolution in healthcare – and beyond

Artificial intelligence

Most popular content in Social

Shining light on the 'dark side' of social media

Delete Facebook

Should social enterprises compete or cooperate?

Social enterprises

Reopening schools: why, how and for who

Reopening schools during Covid-19

Are growth and sustainability two opposing worlds?

Sustainable growth

Can homelessness happen to anyone?


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