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Global Agenda in review: 5 most popular articles on Do Better

What are the scenarios faced by the EU and the rest of the world? What were the consequences of the US elections for global governance?

Reaching the peak of the holiday season, Do Better offers a compilation of the most-read articles on global agenda published this year. Check them out for insights and ideas on future scenarios.


2030: Ten years to change the world

2020 marked the fifth anniversary of the publication of the 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), drawn up by the United Nations with the aim of putting our future back on the rails.

One third of the time we laid down has passed, yet we have been incapable of completing one third of the journey. The pandemic has set the whole world the biggest global challenge of recent times. Society had never, even during the world wars, come up against a crisis that reached all corners of the planet. So the ten years that remain in the run-up to 2030 paint an even gloomier picture.


Navigating an uncertain world: Building blocks for 2033 scenarios

The major geo-economic transformation and re-shaping of global markets that has taken place over the last two decades is usually summarised as a process of globalisation and convergence. They are usually characterised by economic indicators: trade volume increases outpacing GDP; and faster growth in emerging market economies than in advanced ones. Digital technology has been a key enabler of globalisation—alongside steady (until recently) reductions in cross-border barriers.


Election uncertainties, perishable scenarios and global implications

In a year with an ample supply of surprises—of the kind that do not offer a resolution but instead heighten the uncertainty around making our decisions harder—the case for scenarios has never been stronger. Scenarios that are not designed to predict outcomes but to explore possibilities and flex the mental muscles we need to navigate change and turn challenges into opportunities.


Thinking beyond the moment: 2033 scenarios

How different socio-economic and political dynamics could play out over the next dozen years.


From G20 to global leadership: a gap to be filled

As we recover from the Covid crisis and gear up to face the threat of climate change, it is abundantly clear that the world is missing an effective dialogue and leadership platform. The whole international governance and coordination architecture requires an overhaul to ensure that the most global benefits possible are derived from the human capital and financial assets at the disposal of the international community. Most urgent is the creation of a leadership and dialogue platform that builds and improves on recent experience – based on lessons learned for better or worse.

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